Easy Read Production

The Truth about Me Group membersKath has worked with the Truth About Me Group (a self advocacy group based in Accrington) for many years on the production of Easy Read documents.

As well as producing numerous factsheets for START Ability Services and self advocacy groups, she has produced information for Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People, Leonard Cheshire, Social Services departments, the Disabled People’s Movement to End Segregated Education and numerous statutory and voluntary organisations.

The information produced has included the “translation” of recruitment packs into accessible formats, descriptions of research practices and even accessible, Easy Read tenancy agreements!

She was also commissioned (in collaboration with the Truth About Me Group) to produce the Easy Read version of the Association of Disabled Professionals’ Resource Guide Pack, “Setting up in business?  A Resource Guide for Disabled People and their Advisors”, for a project funded by the European Social Fund (ESF).   You can download an Easy Read Sample Page as an example of our work.

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