Equalities Consultancy and Counselling and Therapy Service by a Chartered Counselling PsychologistKath - in-depth research on disability issuesKath has been a lecturer, independently and with Alan Cash, on modules related to the Social Model of Disability and Support Provision, as well as Civil Rights, at undergraduate and postgraduate level.  She has also provided guest lectures to social care course students, as well as supporting and evaluating students taking Critical Psychology and Disability Study modules.

Kath has a degree in Psychology and has published research for the Economic and Social Research Council, in collaboration with Bolton Institute and the University of Sheffield.  She is currently on the final draft of her Doctorate in Education thesis, which is entitled “Learning difficulty – a socially created model of disability?”.

Finally, Kath is an experienced “real life” researcher and has carried out research on issues relating to the employment and self employment of disabled people, producing reports that are accessible to a wide variety of audiences (including in policy documentation and Easy Read formats for people with learning difficulties)