Group Therapy

We are able to provide bespoke group therapy programmes for anxiety management, employing a cognitive behavioural (CBT) approach.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

The basic theoretical concept guiding cognitive behavioural therapy can be traced back to the stoic philosopher Epictetus of ancient Rome, when he observed that, ‚ÄúPeople are disturbed not so much by events as by the view which they take of them.”

The primary aim of cognitive behavioural therapy is to relieve the emotional distress that you may be experiencing. With the support our service can provide, you can challenge any thoughts or behaviours that are having a negative impact on your daily life.

CBT is recommended as the most appropriate psychological treatment for anxiety and depression by the NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence) Guidelines (2004).

If you would like further information about our bespoke training sessions for anxiety management, please contact us for further details.