Work Advice Service

Kath Sutherland and Jane Hunt reviewing the Setting up in Business Guide Pack
Our work advice service uses a practical, common sense approach with experienced disabled advisors to overcome difficulties in employment or self employment.

It focuses on providing support, advice and information to ensure that disabled people and people with long term health conditions are able to fully contribute to the workforce.

As our aim is to support all disabled people to find, retain and progress in the full range of work opportunities, we would be happy to talk to you whether you are:

  • an employer,
  • a representative of an organisation, or
  • an individual.

With many years experience, providing a national advice service for both the Association of Disabled Professionals and the Disabled Entrepreneurs’ Network, we are widely experienced in providing an appropriate, professional service that is individually tailored to your needs. Kath is supported in this work by Jane Hunt OBE, who has extensive experience in promoting and supporting the removal of barriers to work.

Jane is a Chartered Accountant who has advised disabled people on employment and self employment for over 20 years. Jane is a member of Hampshire’s personalisation expert panel and received her OBE for her work supporting disabled people to access HMRC services. Jane is also a co-author (alongside Kath) of the highly successful “Setting up in business?  A Resource Guide for disabled people and their advisors.”

Here are some of the comments we’ve received over the years about our work:
“I can’t thank you enough for your help with getting back to work. Without your support, advice and guidance, I couldn’t have done this. I wish I’d come to you 18 months ago, when I first started having to have time off, as I’m sure all of this stress would have been avoided.”

(Senior management professional with a mental health difficulty)

“I am so grateful for your help and support.  Your advice, time and understanding of my whole situation has really helped.   I am going to spend my time going through the information and feel that I can finally move my business ideas forward.”

(Freelance writer with joint hypermobility syndrome)

“Thank you so much for your support.  Your contributions to the forum, the expert panel and in the workshops was really appreciated.  You were brilliant at resolving complex problems and even I learnt something in the brief time we were together!  I will certainly recommend you to my many contacts.”

(Learning and Development Manager)

“Thank you so much for your efforts.  I have had a good look at the recruitment pack and it is very informative and well presented. I also gave our management committee the opportunity to have a look at it and they were very impressed, to the extent that they think we should invest in a webcam, so they can be getting face to face support from you with reference to good governance…Once again thank you so much for your utmost support. We are definitely going to keep in touch.”

(Advocacy Co-ordinator)

You can also read the personal accounts of our clients in our Diverse Talent Showcase. And if you are interested in our work with people who are self employed, you may wish to look at our MicroBizMatters Showcase page which highlights the fantastic work being carried out by our self employed colleagues in the Disabled Entrepreneurs’ Network around the country. You can also watch a video from one of our clients, Captain Kevin Drinkall, who needed support to start his own business. He has given permission for his details to be used.

Finally, if you would are interested in our free top ten tips on disclosing an impairment or long term health condition, you can download a copy in pdf or alternatively, a text only copy is also available.

You can find more information and downloads about employment and self employment matters on our new website dedicated to the Work Advice Service,  This joint initiative with the Association of Disabled Professionals allows us to provide disabled people and people with long term health conditions, employers, work advisors and interested others with comprehensive information, support and advice under one roof.  Please do

So, if you are looking for appropriate, relevant advice and support to address disability or health related issues in any work situation, then please do not hesitate to call our dedicated Work Advice Line answerphone service on 01204 431638 or get in touch through our contact us page. Alternatively, if you find answerphone’s difficult, please contact our main office number, which is 01204 480075.

We look forward to hearing from you!